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We have been enjoying all of what Ocean City, Maryland has to offer for over 30 years. However, once we  married and became parents to our daughters, we realized relaxing on the beach with children isn't as easy as we thought. 

One hot beach day, as we were gathering our beach belongings to take back to the vacation rental, we were having difficulty putting away the "pop-up tent" we brought down for our daughter. Once we were finally able to collapse the tent, we had to figure out how to get all of our belongings in our hands and up to the rental unit. 

After several minutes of bickering back and forth about the best way to accomplish this majorly annoying task, we looked at each other and thought, there's gotta be a better way!

That is when The Beach Butler was born! 


Our Mission

To provide exceptional door-to-beach and beach-to-door service of your beach belongings to maximize time spent with your family and time spent relaxing on the beach while you're on vacation.

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The Beach Butler

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